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  • Nidhi Pai, DDS

Minimal Prep Veneers - Patient Results

Smile Makeover Case Overview:

This beautiful patient had a smile makeover with minimal prep veneers.

You can see in the photos that she has lost quite a bit of enamel to the point where it’s almost as close to the nerve of her teeth. Her teeth are in danger of getting root canals.

We did no-prep veneers for her. What this means is that we didn't cut down her enamel. We just polished them. Before we did anything, we planned her smile, took a lot of pictures, and saw what would be the best fit for a face. We corrected a few different levels of her teeth.

The temporary veneers are made up of acrylic (plastic) and it’s a good fit in the patient's mouth before actually doing the real procedure.

Here is the final product. No shots. No grinding down the teeth. Beautiful looking teeth. It fits her face really well and the patient is so happy and comfortable with her results.

From Invisalign to veneers, Dr. Nidhi Pai and her team are experts at designing the smile of your dreams! She is a Top Invisalign Provider and ranked as a top cosmetic dentist in Palo Alto, CA (Bay Area). Are you ready for your smile makeover transformation?

We offer complimentary virtual smile consultations. It's super easy. Take a couple of pictures, and text them to us at 650-459-0440 and receive an assessment and feedback!

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