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Extreme Smile Makeover: Full Mouth Reconstruction with Nidhi Pai, DDS

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Smile Makeover Case Overview:

This is an extreme makeover case where we are doing a full mouth reconstruction.

We are doing a full mouth reconstruction because the patient has been wearing down his teeth over time. He's a heavy clencher and he has worn down his dentition quite a bit as you can see in the pictures. His TMJ and his muscles have lost the structure which it needs for the proper support.

The first step is planning. We took pictures, figured out the best proportions that would fit perfectly in his mouth, and then we did a wax try-in. The temporary veneers stay in the mouth for 2 months so that the patient is used to the new height as they try out their new smile. The final results look really nice and he was very happy to be able to see his teeth when he smiled.

So far, we have completed his full upper veneers and we are working on his lowers. This procedure is quite painless and takes roughly three to six months to finish the treatment. We take our time with this process because we want the mouth muscles to catch up to the new smile. We don’t want it to be too dramatic of a change, as some patients may experience having pain or issues. Planning ahead ensures that it's a straightforward process and there are no surprises and issues so patients tolerate the procedure really well.

From Invisalign to veneers, Dr. Nidhi Pai and her team are experts at designing the smile of your dreams! She is a Top Invisalign Provider and ranked as a top cosmetic dentist in Palo Alto, CA (Bay Area). Are you ready for your smile makeover transformation?

We offer complimentary virtual smile consultations. It's super easy. Take a couple of pictures, and text them to us at 650-459-0440 and receive an assessment and feedback!

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